A responsible holiday destination in Portugal

Sustainability in the broad sense of the word

We, Maurice Couwenberg & Sandra van Kessel, have been providing hospitality and joy on holidays in central Portugal for 15 years .

We have always paid close attention to sustainability. Here we thought especially of aspects for the“climate and climate change“.

Take note of what we all do for sustainable entrepreneurship, this info is still temporary on our “old site” but will be in an update on this new site soon.

The, Dutch born, owners of Quinta das Cantigas - Sandra van Kessel and Maurice Couwenberg
The, Dutch born, owners of Quinta das Cantigas – Sandra van Kessel and Maurice Couwenberg

Since 2020 we have been in a project with Biosphere Portugal – sustainable lifestyle, for sustainable tourism. This project is stimulated by the Turismo Portugal.

In this project we discovered that sustainability is much more than that, especially in the areas of“Culture and Society” and “(local) economy and governance”.

One of the topics in sustainability is being clear in“what we stand for.” This is laid down in our manifesto responsible entrepreneurship.

Manifesto responsible entrepreneurship

We, Maurice Couwenberg & Sandra van Kessel, the owners of the company Couwenberg & Van Kessel LDA, with various holiday locations in central Portugal and the brands Beach.YourHoliday.PT, Glamp.Yourholiday.PT, Book.Yourholiday.PT and YourHoliday.PT – Casa Cantiga / Quinta das Cantigas, shall ensure that the following subjects are dealt with in a responsible manner in the company.

April 2022

The company is aware of the risks of its activity and takes the necessary precautions

  • We guarantee the safety of employees and customers through risk prevention measures and emergency protocols, and we are audited by an independent company in the field of safety, hygiene and health at work.

Encourage entrepreneurship and local development in Alcobaça and surrounding areas through the use of local products and services

  • We support local small businesses by purchasing products or services produced in the region whenever possible, rather than big brands or large commercial companies. We make our guests aware and encourage them to buy from local businesses.

We participate responsibly in the sustainable management of resources.

  • We ensure the intelligent and efficient management and use of water and energy resources, using sources that have less impact on the environment and that are recyclable or reusable.
  • We avoid excessive water consumption.
  • We opt, where possible, for low or zero emission transportation.
  • We challenge our guests to calculate their carbon footprint and take steps to offset it.

We offer services that promote business sustainability through technological innovation.

  • We integrate, whenever possible, new technologies or innovative methods that contribute to the sustainability of the company through savings or more efficient use of resources, information and various digital media, according to the guest’s preference.

Informing guests about the cultural heritage of the Silver Coast, central Portugal

  • We encourage visits to the cultural heritage of the region, by publicizing its history, legends and local importance, and by advising visitors to visit it during periods of lower tourist offerings, thus contributing to its greater preservation and protection.

We participate in activities to conserve, protect and restore aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems

  • We offer accommodation services that guarantee the sustainable exploitation of the aquatic and terrestrial resources of our Quinta and respect the natural habitat of the native fauna and flora.
  • In addition, we act responsibly, avoid the creation of waste, prevent the degradation of natural areas and ensure the preservation of their biodiversity.

Through training, we aim to improve the quality of services and increase guest satisfaction

  • The company’s management maintains its high level of education and self-knowledge. In the future, it is intended to promote greater employee involvement in order to increase their commitment and abilities to provide an even higher quality of service.

Foster knowledge of the culture of the Portuguese society and community

  • We are aware of certain social behaviors during the stay, in order to respect the community, its customs and habits to provide the best experience to guests and locals.

Promote diversity and not encourage or participate in activities that are discriminatory

  • There are no barriers that limit the integration of people on the basis of their gender, origin, religion, sexual orientation or other reasons; no sexist language is used, no offensive remarks are made or labels are attached that contribute negatively to the stereotyping of these groups. In the same way, we guarantee that in our accommodations and with our services we respect the equal opportunities of all people.

Ensure local jobs with decent and fair working conditions and recruitment terms, respecting workers’ rights.

  • We ensure that the conditions of employment and recruitment of workers are local, dignified and fair, without any discrimination, respecting the labor laws in force, professional ethics, hygienic conditions, occupational safety and health in accordance with the law, salary levels adapted to the positions and compliance with the respective salary payments within the legal time limits.

Ensuring fair trading conditions.

  • The company has a fair and responsible business policy in the community and combats any form of corruption or illicit enrichment.

Be responsible for how we communicate and make available all necessary information

  • We provide current, accurate and ongoing information before, during and after the client’s stay. We present our information in different languages and on different media, preferably digital; and we are in constant contact with the client during their stay, in person or through digital means. We guarantee the confidentiality of data, in accordance with current legislation.

Endorse the manifesto as a responsible company and share it with the community.

  • We support initiatives that promote the exchange of experiences of good sustainable practices, which appeal to peace and social justice, by participating in networks, partnerships, activities and/or alliances that promote the development of sustainable communities.

Exotic animals and plants do not belong on our Quinta.

  • We do not and will not exhibit exotic animals and plants at our Quinta

So choose a responsible holiday destination in Portugal and make a difference

There are many Portuguese holiday destinations to choose from. We encourage our guests to participate in sustainable lifestyle. In our sustainable business practices, we are already making a difference compared to many other holiday accommodations. If you choose one of our beautiful holiday locations, then you also choose a sustainable and responsible holiday destination in Portugal. Join us!