Experience the Silver Coast of Portugal!

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Discover the Silver Coast

from one of YourHoliday.PT’s vacation rentals

Discover the Silver Coast of Portugal from one of YourHoliday.PT's vacation rentals

The beauty of the Silver Coast of Portugal!

Experience the Silver Coast. Here you will still find the pure Portuguese life with plenty of culture, nature and beaches. Discover it during your vacation or long stay stay on the Silver Coast of Portugal. For adults but the kids get their money’s worth too!

The Silver Coast is the beautiful Portuguese region between Lisbon and Coimbra, where the coast is also called the California of Europe.

The vacation accommodations of Book.YourHoliday.PT are all located near Alcobaça and off the lovely coastal town of Nazaré on the Silver Coast in central Portugal”. So whether you are a guest at Quinta das Cantigas, in Beach apartment SolMar orbeachview villa Pines of Salgado, get informed on this page!

Discover and amaze yourselves in a ” responsible way” on Portugal’s Silver Coast!

There is much to discover and experience on Portugal’s Silver Coast. Both close to our vacation accommodations to a little further away. Our accommodations are centrally located, but away from the crowds!

During your stay, you will be given tips on how to visit the sights. At busy times, the fun quickly disappears for you, the same applies to the locals. You’d be better off visiting elsewhere or choosing another time.

Visit the sights of Silver Coast

There are many attractions on Portugal’s Silver Coast. From nice for a short trip with a cosy terrace to extensive visits to Portugal’s cultural heritage. From a short walk in nature near your vacation accommodation to an extended bike ride or car tour in nearby nature reserves.

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Meet 6 of the 7 cultural wonders of Portugal

Did you know that 3 of the 7 cultural wonders of Portugal are near our vacation accommodations and another 3 within a good hour’s drive. These are :

Silver Coast Portugal_Batalha_eco holiday portugal
Monastery of Batalha
Silver Coast-Portugal_Alcobaca-mosteiro_Quinta-das-Cantigas
Monastery of Alcobaca
Obidos Castle_near Quinta das Cantiga holiday accommodations
Castle of Obidos
The tower of Belem in Lisbon
The tower of Belem in Lisbon
the Jeronimos monastery in Lisbon
The Pena Palace in Sintra
Castle of Guimaraes
Castle of Guimaraes

Close to our vacation accommodations in the beautiful Silver Coast:

  • The monasteries of Alcobaça e Batalha
  • The fortified town of Obidos

A little further away but still in the Silver Coast:

  • The Tower of Belem in Lisbon
  • The monastery of Jerónimos in Lisbon
  • The Pena national palace in Sintra, near Lisbon.

North of the beautiful Silver Coast:

  • The Castle of Guimarães. This is in northern portugal 3 hours away

In addition to these cultural wonders, our area offers many other fun and interesting things to see, do and eat. Enjoy!

Discovering Portugal’s Silver Coast within an hour’s drive

In the Silver Coast of Portugal you can discover a lot of beauty in the immediate vicinity of our vacation accommodations . with us you sit quietly and outside the crowds. Because you can also experience crowds in the Silver Coast. But, with us, you are certainly not isolated. With 10 minutes drive you are already in cozy villages with all services.

Below are the highlights within an hour’s drive.

Discover the endless sandy beaches of Portugal’s Silver Coast

Portugal’s Silver Coast has lots of beautiful sandy beaches. Experience the rugged Atlantic Ocean, enjoy on beaches with calm pools of water, marvel on the beach between the inland lake of Obidos and the sea. Or enjoy the calm waters in the bay of São Martinho do Porto. Check out our Beach.YourHoliday.PT site to be amazed with videos and photos of our beaches.

One of the Silver Coast beaches near vacation rentals YourHoliday.Pt
One of the Silver Coast beaches near vacation rentals YourHoliday.Pt

Nazaré – world famous of the biggest waves to surf in the world

The fishing village of Nazaré became famous when an extreme surfer happened to vacation there. He started surfing the big waves and Nazaré has since become a world famous “Portuguese brand” for extreme sports, with all the fun craziness that entails.

Large promenade with stores and restaurants, a cable car to the rock that extends above Nazaré and into the sea. Above beautiful views, a nice little square with church, terraces and traditional fisherwomen in costumes selling the local nuts and dried fruit. Walk over the rock to the old ford with lighthouse that has now become a surf museum.

Nazaré – the Silver Coast surprises with dolphin spotting and all kinds of outdoor activities

Nazaré is centrally located in the Silver Coast and from the port you can go dolphin spotting with boats, jet skiing, etc…From the port there are all kinds of outdoor activities to do such as off road riding with quads, jeeps and motorcycles. You can also rent electric bikes and scooters here – it looks like a big city 🙂

Alcobaça – cultural heart for your vacation on Portugal’s Silver Coast

The famous monastery of Alcobaça is part of the cultural heritage of the Silver Coast. Be sure to visit it if you are in Alcobaça on vacation. The monastery is one of the 7 cultural wonders of Portugal. In addition, it is just a small cozy town with all kinds of nice stores, fresh markets on Saturday and Monday, restaurants, terraces, theater, supermarkets, nice green “city park” and the largest wine museum of portugal.

Alcobaça is called “Terra de Paixão,” the land of passion, with a love story like that of Romeo & Juliet. Discover here the story of King Don Pedro I and Dona Inês de Castro. Write your love letter and seal your message in one of the lockers in “the garden of love,” Jardim do Amor.

Check out a wonderful video mapping about the history of Alcobaça projected on our monastery!

Alcobaça culture – short version
Alcobaça culture – long version (16 minutes)

Batalha – the Portuguese freedom struggle of the Spaniards is in the middle of the Silver Coast

In Batalha, visit the modern museum about the freedom struggle that won Portugal’s independence from the Spanish. With a small army and clever tactics, the great Spanish army was chopped to pieces. Batalha means battlefield and so now you know what the village in the Silver Coast is named after.

The town consists of white houses clustered around a huge Dominican monastery. Processions and folkloric festivities are held here every year around Aug. 15. Nice little squares with plenty of terraces and stores with trinkets.

There is also a beautiful climbing park course in the trees, an awesome outdoor karting track and it is located near a mountainous natural park Serra dos Candeeiros with beautiful hiking/biking trails and climbing park courses.

Aljubarrota – get to know the famous baker’s wife of Aljubarrota!

Aljubarrota is a small village where history was written by the “Padeira (baker’s wife).” The legend is that during the aforementioned fight for freedom, the baker’s wife is said to have killed seven Castilians hiding in her oven with her baker’s spade. A beautiful statue commemorates this. August is also a pleasant medieval festival and there are often antique markets.

Porto do Mós – the Silver Coast is home to beautiful caves, come see!

The Silver Coast is home to beautiful caves. In the vicinity of Porto do Mós they can be visited, for example the caves of Mira de Aire or Alvados. Or visit the sensory eco park of Pia do Uso, a natural stone hamlet with a beautiful hiking trail to test the senses and then enjoy a delicious meal at a restaurant.

Porto do Mos itself, is a nice village with an old center with a nice castle and a beautiful modern city park. It is located in the Serra dos Candeeiros, which has many marked hiking and biking trails.

Fátima – is the Portuguese pilgrimage site “á la” Lourdes or Santiago do Compostello

Fátima is a great place of pilgrimage in Portugal, also called the altar of the world. Two beautiful churches, a super-modern round church and an old classical church with a square between them bigger than the Vatican Square in Rome!

In 1917, Mary appeared several times to 3 shepherd children, on May 13 as well as October 13. The processions on these days attract hundreds of thousands of pilgrims each year. Very special and not far away.

Caldas da Rainha – relax in the queen’s health resort

Caldas da Rainha can be translated as the “spa of the queen.” The old center still exudes this grandeze with a large number of monumental buildings and churches that, in addition to the daily market and the many schools, make it a lively big city. Great for shopping and also there is a nice bowling alley! Challenge each other!

Leiria – visit a nice city with one of the more beautiful castles in Portugal

Leiria is the provincial capital with one of Portugal’s most beautiful fortresses, symbolically included in the country’s coat of arms. Cozy old center, many cultural opportunities are worth a visit or try to escape from one of the “escape rooms”. In addition, on the outskirts of the city, a large modern indoor shopping mall.

Óbidos – fortified town – is another Portuguese Silver Coast wonder.

Óbidos is a fortified town where time seems to have stood still, one of the 7 cultural wonders of Portugal. Surrounded entirely by 13-meter-high walls with battlements, the town is a monumental museum in itself. There are many festivities throughout the season, culminating in the medieval festival in summer.

Rio Maior – discover the salt plains or the mega outdoor market of Santana

Just outside Rio Maior, on the south side of the Serra dos Candeeiros, are the salt pans that are worth a visit. Cozy terraces, restaurants and, of course, many trinkets of salt. Travel through the Serra, with the highest points of the area and enjoy the beautiful views.

On Sunday catch the “mercado de Santana” on the way back. This is a huge outdoor market where locals’ supply and demand come together. You’ll find all kinds of things and you’ll get an appetite from the smell of the grilled chicken. Slide in and enjoy among the locals. Hence, not a tourist market and definitely worth an experience!

Peniche – check out the surfer community, traditional fishing boats and Berlengas islands

Near Peniche are the famous surf beaches where world surfing championships are held annually. Peniche is located on a jagged peninsula with an important fishing port, where the entry of the many fishing boats and the fish auction are a nice sight. From the port of Peniche, a boat leaves for the Ilhas Berlengas, where the main attractions are the many caves, rock formations and underwater fauna.

Santarém – stroll through quaint town full of churches

Santarém sits on a hill above the flat right bank of the Rio Tejo. Here, narrow winding streets alternate with spacious squares full of history. A nice city and you stumble over the many churches here. Take your time and drive through the Serra dos Candeeiros and enjoy this beautiful expanse of nature.

In the Portuguese Silver Coast, but slightly further away

Coimbra – student capital of Portugal

Coimbra is the University city and student capital and the 4th largest city in Portugal. It is tiered on the banks of the Mondego River. The Santa Cruz Monastery, the Machado de Castro National Museum and the Bibliotheca Velha, in addition to the famous university districts, are well worth a visit. One imagines oneself in lost times with the students’ time-honored traditions and costumes.

Aveiro – enjoying the Portuguese Silver Coast version of “Venice”

Aveiro is a flat city and “full of water.” It is by the sea, has many canals and it has a river with a large bridge to the peninsula where the city beaches are located. A beautiful city, modern but also a lot of tradition.

Lisbon – experience the beautiful capital of Portugal

The fascinating capital Lisbon is located on the Tagus River, with a beautiful interplay of old and new cultures, architecture and traditions. The old city districts, where time seems to have stood still, a lot of cultural heritage, beautiful squares with lovely terraces interspersed with stately buildings. Cute old streetcars and funiculars connecting the high and low city will take you to delicious food and, of course, Fado. Also visit the soccer stadium of the famous Benfica, very nice!

Sintra – marvel at palaces and gardens of royal grandeur

Sintra is a charming place surrounded by many palaces of royal stature. With fantastic buildings and gardens with tropical vegetation, you imagine yourself in a very rich past.

Mafra – check out the royal exaggeration

In Marfra, the King had to make the Palace-Convent bigger than Buckingham Palace in London! Built in the 18th century, it is the largest religious monument in Portugal . It includes

royal apartments, an extremely beautiful library, a bell tower with Flemish bells, 6 restored organs, a basilica and museum. Or visit the “Tapada,” the king’s hunting grounds, now a protected national park with beautiful animals.

These Portuguese jewels the Silver Coast is also saving for a visit

Buda Eden – for those who love art, but don’t have to!

Buda Eden is a fantastically beautiful park with lots of fine art with, of course, a good wine store at the exit. Suitable for young and old. Marvel at lots of buddhas, some up to 20 meters tall. See the Chinese terracota army and beautiful African sculptures. The latest big addition is the african animal kingdom made from scrap iron, at actual size. It has nothing to do with Portugal, but it is in the Silver Coast. You will be amazed!

Are youdinosaur crazy?

You can see the footsteps of dinosaurs here in the Serra dos Candeeiros or visit a beautiful dino park near Obidos.

Play golf in the Silver Coast

There are several beautiful golf courses in the Silver Coast. Eg. Praia D’el Rey and Bom Succeso near Óbidos, Botado near Peniche and Vimeiro near Torres Vedras. Great to travel from our vacation accommodations. Find all information about fees, etc. here.

Great food, drinks and sweets in the Silver Coast

Red, white or rosé, taste the atmosphere and the wine

The wine from the Silver Coast of Portugal belongs to the region of “Lisbon wines.” We have several wine trails here and adegas to go wine tasting. Top quality wines at a very reasonable price. Our house supplier is Quinta dos Capuchos

Do you like sweet pastries?

Our region is known for its “Doces conventuais,” traditional sweet pastries made mostly from lots of yellow egg whites. In Alcobaça in front of the monastery you will find“pastelaria Alcoa“. This pastry store has won many awards and its display will make you hungry! Or go check out“Atelier do Doce

Taste the best Portuguese ice cream on the Silver Coast

We will give you the tip for the best scoop ice cream in Alcobaça, Pão do Alcobaça in the little square under the arches by the square with the big trees next to the monastery. Or marvel for the biggest ice creams on the promenade in Nazaré at“Gelatomania

The best local products from our region

Our region produces many delicious products. We are known for the famous “apples of Alcobaça” and the “pera rocha”, Ginga de Alcobaça, etc. Visit in our local farm store“loja Granja de Cister

The portuguese silver coast surprises with a wide range of good restaurants

Portugal’s Silver Coast is constantly developing in terms of restaurants. When we came here 15 years ago, it was mostly Portuguese cuisine in rather “simple and old-fashioned” looking restaurants with television(s). Mostly “a lot of food for little money,” of course some of the toppers, such as Restaurante António Padeiro in downtown Alcobaça. This is still a topper that once again is still listed the recommendations of the Portuguese Michelin guide.

Meanwhile, the cuisine has moved on to other flavors and cozier-looking restaurants, even without TV although that remains difficult. Do not worry that in the vicinity of our vacation accommodations you will only have the choice of a few restaurants. Both Alcobaça, Nazaré, Salgado and Paredes da Vitoria will surprise you with their restaurants. Some of our tips:

Restaurants in and near Alcobaça

Pratu´s, Meat, Fiore di Zucca, Origins, o Castigo, Antonio Padeiro,Jardim de Villa, O Cabeço, Okazu sushi, Taberna Sem Regras and many more.

Restaurants in and near Nazaré

Nazaré is now a real tourist attraction and you’re tripping over restaurants. In fact, too many to mention and often too busy. Therefore, we provide some interesting alternatives

On the promenade of Nazare you will find Marisqueira Aki dél Mar, Pangeia by the sea, Taverna 8 ó 80, Bússola na Onda.
The narrow streets down by “the little elevator to sitio” have great terraces of various Marisqueiras to snack on shellfish in the afternoon with a glass of white wine.
Just outside the port Nazaré by Meu Jardim
On the mountain of Salgado – Tasca do Janeca
On the boulevard of Paredes da Vitoria, recommendations are Magna Carta, O Tonico, Farticos and Somar
On the cliff of Vale Furado beach you will find the restaurant MAD

Look up the contact information, on tripadvisor, etc. for details, Bon appetit!