Holiday with heated pools and sauna

vakantie met verwarmde zwembaden in Portugal

The heated pools
and sauna are waiting for you!

Holiday with heated pools and sauna

Sounds good! A holiday with heated pools and a fine sauna. We outline why this is so important in choosing your holiday accommodation. Especially in the spring and fall!

In high summer, the pools are usually comfortable in temperature. Whether you are in Greece, Italy or Portugal. In spring and autumn, many outdoor pools are closed or simply cold because night temperatures are low. A heated pool, Jacuzzi and sauna really make a difference then!

The swimming pools at Quinta das Cantigas are heated sustainably and if necessary even covered against cooling off in the night. The sauna is an extra pampering moment!

The heated pools

  • We have 2 heated swimming pools. A deep pool up to 180 cm deep and seperate a shallow pool of 10-60 cm deep, so extremely suitable for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Around the pools are plenty of sunbeds, chairs and a lounge terrace with both sun and shade spots.
  • The pools are open from late March to late October. Beyond that, closed.
  • The pool area is completely fenced.
  • Use of sunblock. Please allow to soak well before entering the water. Sunblock cream is the big pollutant of the pool water, making the edges greasy and dirty. By great preference use sustainable sunblock at our pool and by the sea to protect your skin and the environment. Read more about why this is important here.
  • The water is heated in a sustainable form via 150 special solar-powered “heat pipes.” A special liquid is heated in it and this, through a heat exchanger, releases heat to the pool water. We do this to prevent possible legionella formation.
  • From late March to late October, this keeps the water at a comfortable temperature. Especially since we also use covers. This ensures that the water cools down less at night, evaporates less during the day and therefore we need to add fewer chemicals to the water. And you can also swim under the cover in less favorate conditions!
  • The covers are partially opened during good weather and use of the pool. In the summer, the cover of the large pool comes off. On the small pool, the cover remains used against high UV rays and a breeze, to keep the playing kids enjoying the water even longer. Matter of sliding more or less open
  • We have an electrolysis system using salt water to produce natural chlorine instead of chlorine tablets. This is better for skin, eyes and the environment.


  • Next to the pool area, we have an infra red sauna. Great for relaxing all year round. Use by appointment and for a fee.
  • We sustainably generate our own electricity for heating the sauna with our many solar panels.
  • Children are allowed in the Sauna only in the presence of their parents.