Surprising vacation Portugal services

While on vacation in Portugal, be surprised by the extensive number of services offered by Quinta das Cantigas. Here you get a lot more than just a cottage.

For the journey to Quinta das Cantigas

vacation portugal services in the silver coast

You don’t have to bring as much

Our accommodations are fully equipped. Plenty of crockery and pans to enjoy preparing your own meals. Bedding and towels are provided. Books, games and toys are available for all ages, as are many additional facilities for vacationing with the little kids. (see services for during your stay)

Sustainable travel tips

Take note of the sustainable travel tipsto Portugal and in Portugal.

Shuttle service and local car rental

We have made arrangements with a local and by us trusted car rental company as an extra service to have you picked up at / taken away to the airport and rent you a car locally. Conditions are more comprehensive by default and very competitive with the car rentals at or nearby airport. In addition, it is much more relaxed. You can also rent here if you are not spending your entire vacation at one of our accommodations. Read more about the car rental.

Now also electric car rental directly with us

We make electric car driving on holiday possible and affordable for our guests as an extra service with the rental of our own electric cars. No need to worry about “where to charge”. You can do this simply at our Quinta or with our charge card and tips along the way.

Easily accessible and centrally located

The vacation park is located about 105 km north of Lisbon airport and 220 km from Porto airport. It is centrally located in central Portugal, near the coast. The vacation park is not remote and is easily accessible. Even the “last kilometers” are not unpaved, steep or very winding.

Fine on arrival at Quinta das Cantigas

vacation portugal services in the silver coast

Personalized welcome and arrival times

You can arrive 24 hours a day, so you don’t have to consider that when booking your flight. Please do tune in your expected arrival time as there is no 24-hour reception.
Basically, we receive all guests personally and we give you a short tour. Only if you arrive very late in the evening or night, we will give you the tips on how to get in and we see each other the next morning.

Breakfast, lunch and/or evening meal package

A short period before arrival you can indicate if you want to use this extra service. That’s a relaxing start of the vacation and you don’t have to go out right away to do some shopping.

Beds made up

Just nice that the beds are made and also at no extra cost

Delicious bottle of local wine

As a welcome, a nice wine is waiting for you from a local quality winery.

Wallbox and possibly portuguse charging card for your electric car

We are getting more and more guests coming in their own electric cars. As an additional service, you can charge locally with us and should you have problems charging in portugal, we have several charging passes available that are sure to work in Portugal. Ask for it!

Pets welcome

Our pets are often our greatest friends, even on vacation, so they are usually welcome with us. We cannot accommodate too many at once, so first come first served….ask about the possibilities. We have clear rules for keeping pets in the accommodation and on the grounds. We also charge a fee for this extra service for extra consideration in the cleaning of the accommodation and grounds.

Delicious during your stay at Quinta das Cantigas

services for your fine vacations in portugal on the silver coast


All the terraces of the accommodations are spaced and positioned so that you can live in privacy on your terrace. So here no side-by-side terraces with a thin fence in between where you “enjoy” your neighbors!

Fast internet and no TV

The vacation park is connected with fiber optic cable and has a professional WiFi network available to guests for high-speed internet access. It is free and is protected from unwanted use. A screen is available in some accommodations for streaming. See facilities by accommodation.

No compulsory refreshments

With us, no complulsory consumptions on the common terraces and pool area. Bring your own drinks, ice creams or snacks, but please leave it neat.


Soft and heated pool water

A professional and durable solar heatpipe heating system provides nice warm pool water in both pools from March to November. An electrolysis system with salted water provides soft water and prevents red eyes. – free of charge

A deep pool

Our deep 5 x 10 meter pool starts with a depth of about 70 cm and goes up to 180 cm. At the head end is a bench in the water and also a step with a handrail to enter the water.

Special children’s play pool

The spacious 4 x 7 meter children’s play pool is 10 cm to 60 cm deep. The pool is elevated so the very smallest cannot get in or fall in too easily. At the ends is a small playing field.

Sliding and removable pool covers

The cover protects against UV rays, wind and cooling of the water at night. The covers can be shifted depending on the weather. The sliding cover of the children’s play pool stays in place year-round. In the summer, we remove the cover from the deep pool.
In less weather or rain, it is also nice to swim and play under the covers

Infrared Sauna

The infrared Sauna is an additional service to our guests who can use it for a small fee at a time.


The Jacuzzi is an extra service to our guests who can use it for the entire period for a small fee.

Large play & sports hall

The nearly 400m2 hall offers our guests free facilities for all kinds of ball sports, table tennis, pool billiards, soccer table, play boat, bicycles, scooters, drawing table, dress-up clothes, etc. etc. etc.

Miniature golf and petanque

Our guests hit and throw a lot of balls on our 5 mini golf courses and large petanque court. Lots of fun for all ages and you can use it for free.

Playgrounds and animals

Our guests freely enjoy a play forest and playground including trampoline, tree house, swings, climbing, scrambling, sandbox, play kitchen, etc. In addition, cuddling with goats, guinea pigs, chickens, doggie and cats

BIKE, RUN, HIKE center

In our BIKE, RUN,HIKE center we have beautiful gps routes for hiking, running and cycling. Bring your own navigation and download the routes. As an extra service, we have good cycling bikes, mountain bikes and GPS navigation to use for a small fee. Bike helmet, water bottle, pump, spare tires all available.

Reading Corner

Despite all the e-readers, reading a regular book on vacation is nice, too. We have a sizable bookcase with reading pleasure for young and old alike. Swapping is encouraged!

Cozy pizza or portuguese buffet evening

If there is sufficient participation, we regularly organise a cosy pizza or Portuguese buffet evening on the Quinta’s common terrace as an extra service.

Fully equipped kitchen, towels, bedding, etc.

The kitchen is fully equipped with enough crockary and pans to enjoy preparing your own meals. Dish soap, dish towel, kitchen towels, garbage bags, spices and eco detergent/dishwasher cubes are also provided. Toilet paper and kitchen roll you have for your first few days.

Your beds are made upon arrival and changed weekly for longer rentals. The towels every 3 to 4 days. Upon request and for a fee, we do interim cleaning as an extra service.

Private BBQ

Each accommodation has a large private BBQ.

Gluten-free vacations and gluten-free kitchen package

For guests with Celiac disease, we provide an extra, extra well-cleaned kitchen and have a special package of kitchen tools that have never come in contact with “crumbs, etc.” Look here for more gluten-free vacation info

Washing clothes

As an extra service, there is a washing machine with eco detergent. Each accommodation also has a drying rack.

Honesty bar

We have an honesty bar with local wine, cheese, organic apple cider and some other sustainable products as an extra service.

Baby, toddler and preschool package

Baby/Toddler Package for little ones includes crib, chair, bathtub, potty and toys, and while supplies last, also a baby carriage, back carrier, wagon and car baby seats (3 years and up).


At the vacation park there are plenty of parking spaces and cars do not drive on the premises. A few accommodations have private parking spaces.

Recycling points

We collect glass, paper, plastic, frying oil, batteries, coffee cups, BBQ ashes in various places on the grounds. Join us!

Bath towels, umbrellas and windbreaks

We have umbrellas and windbreaks available for our guests for a nice beach visit. As an additional service offer the use of Bath or Beach Towels.

Useful for a late departure time

vacation portugal services in the silver coast

Our normal check out time is 10:30 am. If, for example, your flight does not leave until later in the day, there is the possibility, at no extra cost, to stay longer at the vacation park and use the common areas. The longer use of the accommodation itself depends on the cleaning schedule and arrival of subsequent guests.

Top, it’s even a sustainable vacation destination

Quinta das Cantigas is a responsible choice

Our operations are sustainably designed and we have been certified for it since 2022 by Biosphere Sustainable Tourism. We stimulate our guests to participate. Learn more about your sustainable vacation destination. In addition, during your stay, we also give you the necessary pratical and sustainable tips to reduce your impact on the climate, for example.
View our public profile on Biosphere – live sustainable experiences

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Make a contribution to offset your carbon emissions from your vacation

We encourage a sustainable lifestyle and are happy when our guests travel in a more sustainable way. For example, be aware of your carbon emissions from your vacation, think about your impact and make choices that suit you! For example, give a CO2 offset contribution during your reservation or stay at Quinta das Cantigas.

We double your amount and we spend it locally to plant new trees or make a contribution to sustainable local projects. You will be informed personally about the use of your contribution.

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