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Sustainable travel to Portugal

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Sustainable travel to portugal

Traveling to Portugal begins with tips on your journey to your sustainable vacation destination. Whether you come for a short or longer vacation, as a winter visitor, in preparation for your possible emigration or just a really long time away.

In general, our guests come by plane, but we see a growing group coming by (electric) car. We also list train travel as a possibility. An excellent new experience!

Prefer sustainable travel to Portugal

We encourage a sustainable lifestyle, we are a certified sustainable business and are happy when our guests travel in a more sustainably way. For example, be aware of your carbon emissions from your vacation, think about your impact and make choices that suit you!

For example, include the “carbon emissions offset” service in your airfare, although you never know how effectively this is spent. For example, rent an electric car locally or make a carbon offset contribution during your reservation or stay with Book.YourHoliday.PT.

We double your amount and we spend it locally to plant new trees or make contributions to sustainable local projects. You will be informed personally about the use of your contribution.

Our first CO2 offset action of the guest contribution for the years 2019-2022 took place in the first quarter of 2023. Read more on it here.

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Traveling to Portugal by train – an extra special vacation experience

Yes, this is often forgotten but it really is possible. You depart on the express trains to Paris. In Paris you transfer the TGV to Hendaye / Irun (on the French-Spanish border) and from here you can take the night train to Lisbon, for example!

Traveling by train takes about 20 hours from Paris. Your CO2 emissions for a return trip is about 120 kg of CO2 per person, prices surprising from 130€ per person! There are numerous blogs with experiences, the practical information can be found here

Take a scenic trip to Portugal by car

If you come to Portugal for your vacation by car, take into account a travel distance of about 2140 km from Utrecht, the Netherlands. You can drive the “route national” and avoid tolls. Beautiful routes but you need to take your time. The highway goes almost as far as Alcobaça, but keep in mind there are quite a few tolls (about 100 euros one way).

In Portugal, you should also consider paying tolls at the counter and electronic tolls. We recommend linking your “bank card” to your car license plate for the Portuguese easytol service or even easier buy an international toll payment box from the ANWB, you can use this immediately in France as well.

But above all, make it a nice car trip. For some, that is driving through quickly (2 days), for others it is with one or more stops over several days. Your CO2 emissions for a return trip by car is about 900 kg of CO2 and this applies to the total number of people in 1 car. With the electric car about 390 kg of CO2.
The cost of the toll on a return trip is about 260€. Fuel about 550€

Traveling to Portugal by plane

Traveling by plane to Portugal is easy. There are many elements to build up the price of airline tickets. So it takes some puzzling for a good and not too expensive ticket. It is often a matter of clicking through on a particular date to see the final exact price.

If you fly with small children, it may be interesting to bring your own car seat. Often, renting a seat with the car rental is very expensive. Unless you use our local car rental, then the seats are free. We also have some chairs , raisers and also baby carriages to borrow. Ask about it!

If you want to bring your bike … you can, of course, do so on the plane, but convenient is different. Quinta das Cantigas has good bicycles and mountain bikes available for its guests. And we also know the way to electric bike rentals.

Not all providers fly on the possible fixed arrival day, e.g., usually Fridays and Saturdays in high season. Then you can combine your trip well with one or more nights in Porto or Lisbon, for example, This is definitely worth it.

Travel by plane, including pre- and post-haul, takes about 7-9 hours. Your CO2 emissions for a return trip is about 550 kg of CO2 per person

If you need help picking a ticket, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you further.

To Lisbon (about 100 km from our vacation accommodations)

  • from Amsterdam: TAP, KLM, Easyjet, Transavia, Vueling, Iberia, among others
  • From Eindhoven: including Transavia, Ryanair
  • from Rotterdam: Transavia
  • from Cologne/Bonn: Eurowings
  • from Brussels(Zaventem): including Brussels Airlines, TAP, Ryanair
  • from Dusseldorf: including TAP, Lufthansa, Vueling

To Porto (about 210 km from our vacation accommodations)

  • From Amsterdam: TAP, Transavia, Vueling, KLM, among others
  • from Einhoven: Ryanair
  • from Rotterdam: Transavia
  • from Charleroi: Ryanair
  • from Cologne/Bonn: Tuifly
  • from Brussels(Zaventem): including Brussels Airlines, TAP, Vuelingfrom Dusseldorf(weeze): Ryanair

Some of our guests fly to Madrid in Spain, where rental cars are cheaper, but the trip to our accommodations in central Portugal takes 6.5 hours. Faro in southern Portugal is also used in combination vacations between central and southern Portugal. Faro is about 3.5 hours away.

From the airport to our accommodations, we recommend arranging a rental car or having you picked up by our“pick-up/drop-off service” in combination with local car rental

The route to our vacation accommodations in Portugal

Quinta das Cantigas – Unforgettable Eco Getaway

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Beachview villa Pines of Salgado

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Beach apartment SolMar

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Vacation accommodation Portugal - Quinta das Cantigas - Unforgetable Eco Getaway - travel to Portugal

Preferably use in Google Maps App theeco-friendly routes feature. Turn on this route option and select your engine type!

Calculating CO2 emissions for your vacation

We use data from the information organization Milieu Centraal. Which provides consumers with sustainable tips, advice and insights in a variety of areas. It is an independent organization, funded by the government and advises based on scientific knowledge. For climate wise travel, you can use this link