CO2 offsetting for your holiday

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Despite encouraging more sustainable travel, we and our guests still often rely on airplanes or cars. To offset the CO2 emissions from your trip, you can use our “CO2 action”. You make a donation during your reservation or stay and we will double your amount. We then spend this locally to plant new trees or make a contribution to sustainable local projects. You will be informed personally about the use of your contribution.

152 new trees at an organic orchard

Our first carbon offset action has now taken place. These are the donations for the years 2019-2022. Below is the summary of contributions and spending on planting 152 trees at a local new orchard being started organically. In doing so, we are working on CO2 offsets, more sustainable agriculture and healthier food!

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Thanks to the participating guests
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Organic Orchard – Meet this local sustainable initiative

The sustainable initiative by Ricardo

The owner of the orchard is Ricardo Modesto. He comes from an agricultural family that has long grown apples and pears near Alcobaça, for which this region is very famous. More apples and pears are harvested every year, orchards are getting bigger and more efficient but also with increasing environmental impact.

Switching to organically maintained orchards is still not on the cards for many farmers. Concerns about potential problems in the harvest if you don’t use chemicals and causing diseases to pass to your neighbors’ orchards are often showstoppers.

Ricardo values sustainability, therefore initially “didn’t want to get into fruit.” He started his renewable energy business in 2008 and continues this alongside his new initiative. His cars are electric and his house he built with many sustainable materials.

A few years ago, he finally got his parents to make some land available to him to start sustainable / organic orchards.

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Maurice and Ricardo during the planting of the lemon trees

A new orchard, organically grown

With support from European funds for young farmers and sustainable agriculture, Ricardo has now changed 3 plots from “pear orchard” to “organic lemon orchard.” After clearing the pear trees, the first orange trees are planted in 2021 and this will continue incrementally.

To avoid wastage, the tree saplings are watered with a drip system, and with chances of frost, they can be misted. The water is pumped with a system of solar energy. No synthetic chemicals are used and to prevent chemicals from coming over from non-organic, adjacent orchards, he has planted cypress trees as a hedge/separation.

With the money from our “CO2 offset for your trip,” we paid for 152 of these cypress trees for him. The cypress trees are ideally suited to the Mediterranean climate, provide fire prevention and ensure that the orange trees are protected from the wind.

3 years of work for a first organic orange

Ricardo´s organic orchard is certified by“kiwa sativa“. He must maintain his orchards organically for at least 3 years to be allowed to sell the fruit as organic. He has just started and his little trees are still barely yielding fruit, so there is nothing to harvest and sell yet.

So all attention is focused on further climate-proofing his orchards. With hedges of cypress, hawthorn, prunus lusitanica and birch. And with some other trees and plants planted among the citrus trees, such as hazelnut, oak also prunus lusitanica, among others.

We hope in 1 to 2 years to share the first organic lemons from Ricardo´s orchards with our guests!!!

Watch the lemon trees being planted

Watch Ricardo plant his tree saplings in this short video.

Quinta das Cantigas – your sustainable holiday destination

For years, we have been consciously committed to a more sustainable lifestyle, both personally and professionally. It concerns not only the environment, but also the development of the local economy and culture. Look here for more information on our actions and certification. If you choose to holiday with us, you will definitely contribute to a more sustainable holiday for you, your partner and kids.