Nazaré On_da Wave

Nazaré On_da Wave is a brand that belongs to the company Ocean Puzzle Lda. We are based in in the harbour of Nazaré and since the year 2015 focussed and formaly registered in the Nature Tourism.

We met Maurice & Sandra of YourHoliday.PT” at our Biosphere sustainable tourism certification process.

We experienced that sustainability gets often forgotten during the holiday and therefor together we try to create more awareness and options for sustainable activities.

We provide unique maritime experiences to our customers, through our different activities like school education, dolphin observations, visit the big waves´canyon or fun with jetskies.

Enjoy the Dolphins

Through our trip you will experience incredible moments seeing dolphins in their natural habitat. The species that are seen most often on our trips are the common dolphin (Delphinus delphis) and the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus). However, sometimes we may be surprised by other species.

Trip of 1.5 hours, price indication Kids 25€, Adults 40€

Visit de the big waves´canyon

Our trip to the canyon begins with a brief explanation of how the big waves we have heard so much about are formed. Our boat is equipped with technology that allows us a 3D view of the canyon in real time as we sail over its waters.

Trip of 0.5 hours, price indication Kids 15€, Adults 25€

Fun with Jet Skies

Feel the freedom and adrenaline when driving a Jet Ski! If you don’t know how to drive, our team will help you!

Trip of 0.5 hours, price indication 70€ per Jet Ski, 1 hour for 120€

Live sustainable experiences

While you enjoy your holiday activity, we assure that we make it as sustainable as possible for conservation of the maritime environment.

We hope to see you soon on board of one of our boats!

Andre Barroso, Isabel Duarte

Nazaré On_da Wave
Nazaré On_da Wave