Nº1 Family Holiday Portugal

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Quinta das Cantigas_Unforgettable kids Eco Getaway Portugal

Here you can find the right spot for your family holiday Portugal

Are you looking for a nice holiday destination with your children?

Where ….. is plenty to do for the kids and their parents?

Where ….. In terms of safety is thought of (even smaller) kids?

And ….. you don’t have to drag along a lot of things ?

And ….. where you also get a moment to yourself?

Then we would like to welcome you at Quinta das Cantigas!

An unforgettable destination for your family holiday ! We are a true Eco KIDS Getaway in Portugal

A super child-friendly holiday Portugal

Quinta das Cantigas is a small and family friendly holiday park in central Portugal, near the coast.

That offers all the fun and convenience for a happy and lasting vacation for two, but especially with babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children. And of course, Granddad and Grandma can just come along too!

Safe holiday with kids in Portugal

Quinta das Cantigas_sustainable_small_scale_child friendly vacation park Portugal_flat map

Portugal as a country is known as a safe holiday destination and at our Quinta we think especially about the (small) kids. Our 10,000 m2 nature is completely fenced and there are only 10 unique Eco Getaway holiday rentals on it, each with plenty of privacy for your family and towards the other guests.

Forestation and many paths provide plenty of children’s fun exploring the facilities scattered throughout the small holiday park.

Also the pool area is completely fenced and our facilities are inspected annually for safety and hygiene.

The kids are allowed here to romp, run and climb, so we don’t look up or down from, say, a scraped knee.. “Put a plaster and kiss on it” and away they go again!

Plenty to do at this small child-friendly vacation park in Portugal

What a small Portuguese holiday park can be big at…..a true Eco KIDS Getaway!

We do not only provide a super child-friendly holiday in Portugal.….

But we also give parents, grandparents and cozy couples a great holiday experience with our services and facilities.

Whether you want to relax in the tranquillity, spaciousness and privacy, feeling “back in the sports bar” for a game of darts or pool, actively go running or cycling, we make it possible at our unforgettable Eco Getaway

++ Indoor and outdoor fun for kids and parents

A 400m2 play & sports hall provides fun for children and their parents in all weathers.

table tennis_football_ Kids vacation Portugal
Children feed animals on vacation_Quinta das Cantigas
amazing kids holiday portugal_quinta das cantigas
Holiday with animals_eco holiday Portugal
Feriás em familia centro portugal_crianças a brincar
Eco holiday resort for families_pool billiards
Eco Getaway with kids_play forrest
Eco Getaway Portugal_game table for kids
baby fun at Eco kids getaway portugal
Eco kids Getaway portugal_sports_pleasure pavilhon
jeu de boule_crianças_eco férias centro portugal

Here they quickly make friends or enjoy football, table tennis, etc. with mom or dad.

Anything with balls, shuttles, rackets, bikes can be done here. In addition, a huge play boat, dress-up clothes, a hang out and reading corner with books, DVD´s, Donald Duckjes, etc.

Scattered across the grounds are a play and discovery forest, mini-golf courses, playground with sandpit, trampoline and tree house, boules court, there are several cuddly goats, guinea pigs, cats and our doggie. Or go collect the eggs from the chickens.

After a round of discovery, the kids will soon be off on their own but they are never far away. A common comment speaks for itself:

Just get them along because they’d rather stay and play “at the campsite.”

++ Kids fun in the heated pools, enjoyment for parents

Swimming and playing until they really have to get out from mom and dad.

heated pools children vacation Portugal
Vacations portugal with children
Parque de ferias amigos das crianças_quinta das Cantigas
Kids holiday Portugal playing in the pool
Kids fun at the pool_eco kids getaway portugal
Kids eco getaway Portugal with heated pools
Eco resort de férias em familia perto Nazaré centro Portugal
Eco Férias em familia Centro Portuga perto Nazeré

A deep heated pool already gives a lot of fun but with another heated play pool of 10-60 cm deep, the fun is complete.

As long as the children do not have to get out, the parents hang out in the warm water of the (small) pool or have a drink on the edge, chatting about holiday experiences.

Or they lie on one of many sunbeds in the sun or shade on the pool area.

The play pool remains partially covered against UV sunlight and wind all year round. That’s nice, especially for the little ones!

The big pool is covered only in spring and fall when the nights are cooler again. And even when it rains, it’s a jolly good time under the cover!
Fortunately, that shower does not occur often here 😎

“A Portuguese child-friendly vacation” or “friendly for parents” ?

The child-friendly holiday accommodations and facilities at this small Portuguese holiday park, are also super friendly for the parents.

And you don’t have to carry along all that much, so convenient!

++ Toys

In the accommodation we provide some toys for your kids’ ages, on the common terraces, in the play hall and the playground there are plenty of toys available

++ Beach gear

In addition to beach towels, umbrella and windbreak, there are buckets and scoops, bodyboards, surf suits, etc.

++ Baby and toddler package

From baby chair, bathtub, changing mat to potty training on vacation, baby carriage or back carrier. We make sure all the conveniences are there. Details we will coordinate before your arrival.

++ Food, drinks, pharmacy, etc.

A short distance away there are numerous comprehensive supermarkets and specialty stores with extensive product packages. No need to worry about baby food, lactose free, gluten free, etc. There are also excellent pharmacies, doctor and even the hospital is nearby. A sense of ease and security.

Relax at Eco kids Holiday_ family Portugal
Relax and or thrilling on the e-reader
family holiday Portugal_ a moment for yourself_Quinta das Cantigas
Or with a real book

++ Getting picked up and get seated for a meal…….that’s nice!

We can have you picked up at the airport, relieve you in terms of car rental and provide a nice arrival meal. Now that’s travelling in a relaxed way.

We have child seats and booster seats with no extra charge. That again saves a lot of dragging or extra costs!

+++ Also some quality time for yourself

Our Quinta offers so many play facilities, tranquility and space that there is always some time left for yourself as well.

Dive into that hammock and close your eyes or read a book from our bookshelf, go for a bike ride or run with our trails, grab a terrace nearby or stroll past some nice shops. Play a game of darts, pool or relax in our sauna or jacuzzi.

We speak the language and know our way around, which is so convenient when you’re on holiday with kids!

Located in Portugal, this small vacation park provides nice contacts between the parents and vacation friends for the kids

In the school vacations we are full of families with kids, in the spring and fall, in addition to cozy couples, we have many young parents with their first or second or …. child.

Pizza with the whole family at Quinta das Cantigas

This creates a bond, a chat is quick and no one worries about a crying fit, “I’m two and so I say no” or ” teenage behaviour”. It is in fact very recognizable and therefore so relaxed.

In spring and autumn, we say with a giggle…

“We have 12 baby cots in stock and sometimes we have to borrow extra”.

Family vacation park Portugal

Some kids are a little shy, but by helping each other with the scavenger hunt for ice cream or the fun pizza night, friends are quickly made!

Portuguese trips from the child-friendly, small holiday park

The small vacation park for cozy families is situated in the Portuguese countryside, but is certainly not remote. This means that there are many interesting trips to do in the neighborhood with children of all ages.

++ Explore the surroundings of this Eco KIDS Getaway

From local playgrounds next to cozy terraces, cave visits, scavenger hunts, climbing course in the trees to dinosaures park, castles and karting on a large outdoor track. Information and tips are available locally, and experiences are then also widely shared among our guests.

++ Sea and beach for small and big children

A short distance away you will find fantastic beaches, rough sea with big waves, beaches with quiet outflowing streams or pools of water, inland lake or quiet bay. From surf lessons, playing in the surf, fun in the sand, rolling down the high dune to searching for shells. Fun for all ages to experience. And don’t forget a nice ice cream at the beach bar or a sumptuous lunch on the terrace overlooking the sea.

++ Eating out with children in Portugal

In Portugal, kids belong, even in the restaurants. How nice! The only problem is that the northern dining times are a bit early. If you insist on eating at 6 p.m., you will find yourself in front of a closed restaurant, so better to eat a warm lunch like the Portuguese do. Of course, you can also take away from the restaurants in our neighbourhood and we regularly have a Pizza and or buffet night at our Quinta.

And upon returning from your trip at the “campsite” of Quinta das Cantigas

Then we have fast and stable internet via Wifi and in some cottages an Ethernet port

After an trip or when the kids don’t want to go out for a while, the TV is often a moment of relaxation. …. However, we don’t have one, but our fast and stable Internet connection allows the kids to watch a nice film on your ipad or play a game on your mobile. Also great for a netflix on the terrace in the evening or to do some work on holiday. This holiday park in Portugal is equipped with a fibre-optic connection and a professional Unify Wifi network.

And can you explain to the kids a bit about sustainability

Choose a good time to explain to the kids what sustainability means. Read and do more on our special page “sustainable holiday with kids”